QiLu Sino-Canadian International Schools


As all positions have been filled for next year we would like to thanks all applicants.  If you would like to have your application on file for the 2019-2020 School year or to be contacted in case of temporary vacancies for next year, please read the following and send in your resume as indicated:


Two year contracts are available for dynamic teachers who can provide excellent instruction and assessment at our Alberta Accredited International Schools in Dongying and Qingdao.  Our pay grid for teachers starts at $51,000 CAD and includes flights to and from China, bonus pay, medical insurance, and housing.  Shandong Province has a very low cost of living and our wages are considered extremely competitive for our area of the world. Teachers enjoy a generous amount of prep time in a collaborative atmosphere.


Native English speakers are preferred and as we are accredited, applicants must have, or be qualified to obtain, a teaching certificate from Alberta Education (minimum requirement - Bachelor of Education).  Positions will be open until they are filled.  Age restrictions in Shandong Province prohibt hiring foreign teachers over the age of 60.


Please forward your resume to Mr. Boyd Davies at hr.qscis@gmail.com and hr@cscdfsd.org to apply.



It was our great priviledge to meet many teachers at the Greater Edmonton Teacher's Convention and the Centeral East Teacher's Convention in Edmonton these past two weeks.  We are in the process of filling our last few positions and looking forward to another very successful year in Qingdao and Dongying next year.

Positions for the  AUG 2018 - JUN 2019 have been filled.